Monday, 28 October 2013

Wow, it's a whole 2 months since I last posted that's just way too long ago so I'm truly sorry & will try to behave better. I've been crafting but I seem to have started a lot of things and not finished very much but here are a couple of things I've done.

The first is a card I made at a workshop with Barbara Gray at the Harrogate Show in early October. It uses the gelliplate which I'd never used before but following Barbaras excellent instruction I was amazed at how good the result was for a first attempt.

The second item I've got to show you is a different direction completely for me & it's the first thing I've ever done with my sewing machine that I bought recently. I've really only been practising & getting used to it so I've got all sorts of bits of material lying around now but this is the one thing  I've finished. It get quite addictive cutting things out with a rotary cutter. I must just add that I didn't make the bag just the patchwork element. I'm also amazed at how far 6 x fat quarters go when you cut them up to make stuff.

Thank-you for looking.